Product Validation Checklist

A system for validating your startup idea

#3 Product of the DayJune 22, 2018
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Product Validation Checklist is a system for choosing your target market, finding a problem to solve, and determining whether you should keep pursuing your idea.

  • Jarrod Drysdale
    Jarrod DrysdaleDesigner, writer, maker.

    Practical & actionable. Lots of depth, reusable.


    None that I can think of

    Evaluating product ideas is hard! And it's something you often do totally alone. When you fall in love with an idea, it's so tempting to skip the important stuff you should do to evaluate it. With the checklist, it's like I have Justin always tapping me on the shoulder "Did you define your audience?" "Is this a business you want to work on a year from now?" I wish I'd had this years ago.

    I also like how the checklist isn't just a book or course, but it's about applying the concepts and helping me do the work of proving my ideas and planning them well. It's a tool, not just education.

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  • Jake Cohn
    Jake CohnFounder & CEO @ And Chill

    Justin has one of my favorite minds in the industry! Great distillation of what's important


    Not anything I can think of

    I've been a follower of Justin's material for a while. It never disappoints! This checklist is a great way to not just build a product, but to understand why/how it should be built and the dynamics surrounding that question.

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Justin Jackson
Justin JacksonMaker@mijustin · ⚡️
After 10 years of helping SaaS companies build, market, and grow their products, I've realized everyone has the same fear: “The scariest thing about building something new is not knowing if people will want it.” I built this interactive checklist to give my clients a robust process for finding product-market-founder fit. Right now I'm building two new apps ( + so I'm using this checklist to track my own progress! Edit: I almost forgot! Until June 30th, Product Hunters can get $49 off by using the code "producthunt" 🎁
Noel Tock
Noel Tock@noeltock · Co-owner / Product at @humanmadeltd
Congrats on shipping, looks great 🚀
Cameron Roe
Cameron Roe@cameronjroe · Growth Consultant, Entrepreneur
Congrats! Cool checklist!
David Bennett
David Bennett@davidpbennett · VP of Marketing at Active Cypher
I literally just signed up for Product Hunt and just purchased your product. I wish my CTO would have had something like this when he was developing our product. I've started filling it out for an idea I have. One thing that I think would be useful is the ability to create and keep track of multiple products. Not sure if this is "fully baked" or an MVP that you plan to iterate on further. I'll check back later after I've sunk my teeth into this a bit more.