Product Roadmaps

How to develop a product strategy + 9 example roadmaps

Very interesting! I'm currently finishing my masters degree, and writing my thesis on Technology Roadmapping. Normally, roadmapping is a pretty complex business, and in the academic literature surrounding the concept, smaller companies are often left out of the equation due to the fact that the framework is pretty complex, and smaller companies/startups often are ressourcescarce. I don't have the time to read and elaborate on my points right now, as I'm soon to turn in my thesis, and devoting a lot of time for that. I would, however, like to add, that roadmapping seems like an underapreciated concept, from which specially smaller companies could benefit. Very excited to see this getting some upvotes and attention. Might I also add that if you're looking to investigate what roadmapping is, and want more perspectives on the matter, look up Robert Phaal and his T-Plan-model. He is also author of the largest current roadmapping-literature collection, which can be found as a PDF via Cambridge Universities website. Here's a link:
@thekarlsen Your thesis sounds interesting! Please let me know if we can help with your research - we've conducted product roadmap surveys and would be glad to contribute any knowledge we have.
@thekarlsen Sounds very interesting, I agree with @thekarlsen
At ProductPlan (product roadmap software) we’ve been fortunate to work with amazing product managers at the world’s most successful companies. We’ve had a chance to learn along with them, and in turn we’re sharing that knowledge with you through this book. I hope you can pick out a few new techniques and best practices to help you sell your product strategy and become a more effective product manager. Enjoy and please provide us with suggestions and new ideas!
A Foundational Resource that many startups overlook.
Great product. I would like to learn more about developing product strategies.