Product Pathfinder

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Product Pathfinder is a newsletter from Meghan Nesta cataloging what's worked (and what hasn't) for her in product management and leadership, must reads on product management from around the web, and stories from fellow readers - all designed to help you along on the path to better product management.

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Meghan Nesta
Senior Product Manager, AWeber
Thanks for the hunt Chris! So exited to share ideas with other passionate Product People. This is an interactive newsletter - based on feedback I'll focus on content that matters to this community. So reply back, let's build better solutions together! 🙌
Chris Vasquez
Director of Product at AWeber

I’ve been really loving this newsletter from Meghan and feel like my perspective is shifted in meaningful ways as a result of reading each issue. The fact that I get this awesome value in 2 minutes or less is the icing on the cake.

I’m lucky enough to get to work in Product with Meghan at AWeber, and get to see her empathy for customers and consistent focus on the problem and not the solution basically every day. Even with that experience I feel like this newsletter is an additional window into what makes Meghan so successful at her job.

I’d definitely recommend this for either folks who current own or manage a product or people who are looking to get into product management. If you have questions, definitely @mjnesta.


Challenges PM “common sense” with real world experience.

Kind & humble in a way that many newsletters are not.

Quick & to the point.


I wish they were a little more frequent.

I wish there was a some way I could interact with other subscribers around a week’s issue.