This study shows what lets product managers enjoy their work: culture and company types, roles & responsibilities and team’s alignment, frameworks and methodologies to work with backlog prioritization and impact estimation.
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Product Management is a Tough Career. A happy Product Manager is a better Product Manager. This sounds logical, right? But how do you make it to the point when you, as a PM, can really enjoy what you do? CONFIDENCEconf interviewed 860 product managers to learn what really matters to product professionals and what influences their job satisfaction: like how well teams are aligned and whether product management processes are mature enough, how backlog prioritization and new features estimation work, and more. This study is based on a survey of almost 900 product managers. You can download it for free.
Thanks for hunting us, @lisadziuba! Ping me if you have any questions regarding the study.
@yaroslav_s @pavlo_pedenko guys, thanks a lot for supporting product community! Listened to your research on SoundCloud podcast, happy to read it now! Pros: - valuable data for team leads, business owners and HR specialists about benchmark of happy product (team) - Key takeaways almost after every wall of text and data - Interesting takeaways about prioritizing using Kano :)) Cons: - need version for e-readers, it's a bit hard to read PDF format on the phone)) And thanks again for contributing!
Really good survey. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you!
Nice survey. I especially liked the overview of backlog frameworks and utilization of data sources. My sense is that satisfaction is a good proxy for effectiveness.
@andersonreed thanks for your feedback.