Product Management TACTICS Vol. 2

A free eBook for modern software product management teams.

Packed w/ insights from product leaders at Tinder, Intercom, Intuit, etc, the latest edition of TACTICS includes a variety of topics relevant to product management professionals, all compiled from the top talks at INDUSTRY: The Product Conference (Europe).
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We know that not everybody can make it to INDUSTRY: The Product Conference each year. Yet, with some of the top thinkers and doers in product management speaking each year -- a *lot* is discussed that's so valuable. We now hire a professional journalist to take notes during the talks for every edition for two reasons: 1. Allow attendees to feel comfortable with taking everything in and not worrying so much about missing a detail to jot down, as we send the notes to them immediately after the conference. 2. Ensure that people who couldn't attend can still learn from the talks -- as we take the notes and do our best to compile them into TACTICS -- an ebook that we release and make available. This second volume of TACTICS was based on talks from the 2019 European edition of INDUSTRY. (The first edition of INDUSTRY Europe was reviewed here: For TACTICS, we're proud to partner with Pragmatic Institute, one of our longest running collaborators for INDUSTRY and a top provider of product management education in training. With insights from product leaders from top companies as well as some of today's top product management authors, we hope you enjoy this new edition of TACTICS!