Product Launch Planner

A free personalized planner to rock your next product launch

Product Launch Planner from Appcues takes the guesswork out of launching a product. Just answer 8 simple questions and we’ll give you a customized, comprehensive timeline outlining what to do and when to do it.

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beautifully designed! pretty stoked to use this to ideate for new product launches from a content production perspective.
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Hello Hunters! My name is Ben, and I work in growth here at Appcues. We are pleased to announce the Product Launch Planner, a new tool that will help you have a seamless, and impactful, product launch. This tool can be used for both small and large releases, and we customize our recommendations based on a range of company factors. The recommendations are based on an analyses of our interactions helping advise customers on product launches here at Appcues. From those insights, we put together a roadmap that will ensure you have a coordinated plan to ensure internal alignment to maximize reach. We hope that you enjoy, and would love your feedback so that we can continue to improve this tool to help you launch a successful product. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out as a few folks from Appcues will be here to answer any questions you have.
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@benwinter I just tried it. Its good to have as a planner.
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@ram_rayavarapu I’m glad to hear you found it useful! Thanks for trying it out.
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Great stuff, as usual @hijonathan. Really excited to try on our upcoming product launch
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Great job !! 😊 Will check it out
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Honestly this seems like a blog post with extra steps... 🤔 😆 But I digress, got you exposure on PH, that is the growth hacking everybody is talking about, right? 😉 The design is good and the PDF makes it a tool. Why not. Bit feedback about your main product — It is not super obvious what Appcues actually is, and since it takes a minute to see what is what, I lost an interest. I feel that very little amount of people will get through the step of giving you an email and your funnel breaks right there with you having nothing to show for it. What I’m saying is, stop asking me to give you a channel to annoy me (email) and show me your product. Even after putting in the bogus email, I still have to jump to hoops to see something? Guys, make at least a damn video, users these days will give you 1 minute tops. Most of the copy on the main site is just empty marketing phrases "Be the product people always come back to. Create effective onboarding experiences that drives users to their action and create long-term users." What does this even mean? I’ll bet my left ball you didn’t do much user testing (if any) on that homepage, because I’m pretty sure most users would share my sentiment, but they will sure as hell not write you about it, like I did. They just leave. So all in all, you made me quite sceptical, you know enough about onboarding to lecture others about it, let alone sell products based around the idea. Get some outsiders perspective guys... Plus uBlock blocks your chat bot, and that effectively breaks your call to action "or request demo". At this point you should be paying me, not the other way around.
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