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Unofficial Facebook Messenger bot for Product Hunt

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I checked this out the other day. Some interesting things in there. Nice job! One thing I noticed (being picky) is that the language wasn't consistent. 'Popular in Books' 'Top Podcasts' and on the same menu has 'New in Games' - but like I said thats me being super picky! I've considered building this myself as I've made a few bots recently. Guess I can see the community reaction here before devoting time to it ha! What platform did you use to build this? IF we were to consider building an official one, what would people like to see?
@bentossell Thank you. Yes, I have tried to provide more options to the user. Facebook has total characters limit so I have to use "Top" instead of "Popular" to accommodate complete phrase. I have built using API.AI , Chatfuel, and Heroku. API.AI has integration options so it is very easy to expand the same bot on other platforms like Kik, Line, Telegram, Slack, Twitter etc. I would definitely like to know more use cases from the community to make it better.
It was about time someone built a messenger bot for Product Hunt :) A Facebook Messenger chat bot that keeps you connected with Product Hunt. Easy way to get daily updates on popular products, new products, popular yesterday, upcoming live chats etc. directly on your Messenger. Find about new & popular products in various categories. Get the list of the new products in the specific topic by mentioning the topic name.
Super cool you built this before us, @keyul. πŸ˜€ FYI, I noticed there's a huge delay in the responses sometimes.
@rrhoover Thank you so much for your input. Yes, I understand. It's hosted on Heroku free service. By default, Heroku put the server in idle mode after some minutes of inactivity. so sometimes it takes the time to start the server. If the server is already running then, it's very quick.
Great πŸ‘Œ Only the navigation is really not as smooth with a bot and the images are too much cropped, I would prefer an avatar format.
@matthieudeluze Thanks for feedback. It's good idea. It will make user experience more smooth.
Thank you @kwdinc for this hunt. Product Hunt is a great community. I am in love with Product Hunt. I have seen a bot for product hunt on other platforms and wanted to make a smart bot for Facebook Messenger. I would like to know more use cases to make this chatbot better and smart. It's a little contribution to this awesome community from my side. Hope you people like it.