Product Hunter Bot

Get your Product Hunt posts on Telegram

We've seen a ton of Slack bots but there's also an active Telegram bot-creating community. I like this one. 😁 Yo, @liveink! Add this to 💩.
Thank you @rrhoover. And yep, thats true. The telegram bot community is growing pretty rapidly! PS - ProductHunt should add telegram to the list the platforms available ;)
@shivkanthb cool stuff bro.I got the list of latest tech product in a jiffy :)
thanks!!! using it loving it! I stopped using Slack to use Telegram and something I missed was more and better bots :)
@deambulando Thank you:) Glad you like it!
Clever use of the Telegram bot!
it would be cool if the Bot send a message every time a tech product was featured! :) But i don't know if this is possible with the limitations of the telegram bot api..
@kaiburghardt really good idea. Technically it is possible! I will have to have the bot listen to changes every 'x' minutes and push the update to the users. Will look into it :)