Product Hunt Tab

A virtual co-working space in your browser's new tab

#3 Product of the WeekMarch 28, 2019
Product Hunt Tab is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox (Safari coming soon!) to help you stay more productive.
Open a new tab to discover the day's most popular products and join fellow makers from around the world in a virtual co-working space.
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So excited to share this with you all. Late last year me and the Product Hunt team met in LA to reflect on the year and plan 2019's roadmap. Our team is globally distributed across 10 countries so we've seen the pros and cons of remote working. At the offsite we had the idea to build a "virtual co-working space" to help solve for some of the challenges remote workers, freelancers, and solo makers face (I wrote about many of those challenges here). Here's a whiteboard sketch of our notes: Fast forward to today, we're introducing Product Hunt Tab, a browser extension that asks “What are you working on?” Enter your current goal or to-do to enter “focus mode” alongside other makers around the world. Our goal is to help connect makers and encourage them to help each other. We'd love your feedback and have a looooong list of ideas we're exploring for v2, including a community-curated music playlists, private spaces, co-working buddies, and a bunch more. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments here. 😊
@rrhoover smart idea repurposing the old chrome extension to piggy back on it's distribution (45,535 users!).
@rrhoover "A virtual co-working space" is a bit misleading to say for this version honestly. I expected something more, but once I read that you have a "looooong" list of ideas for future versions, maybe than it will make sense. You should also try to avoid building this as an extension, and build it as a separate product page instead. The idea is great and it has a lot of potential otherwise.
@owenfar1 good points. v1 is what you see now: an extension. But this will be accessible on the web (without the extension) and we're eager to eventually build a mobile app, integrations with task managers like Todoist, and expand the product based on everyone's feedback.
@rrhoover I love this, my buddy @colinmacinnis and I tried to build something similar to this years ago but couldn't find a user base. or rather we could get users in but it was hard to keep meaningful engagement up. Anyway happy to swap notes sometime!
@rrhoover @tomfme Smart idea for whom? Existing users have existing expectations of their experience. You don't create loyalty when you take something they want and give them something they don't.

It does the opposite of what I want it to do, which is quickly show me the products as the surface throughout the day with no cruft, and the ability to read and react to comments. Probably an immediate uninstall now. Why wasn't this a separate tool?


It's really pretty.


Blog? Coworking? Pomodoro? WHAT?!?#!

Thanks for the honest feedback, Jesse. We considered creating an entirely separate extension but then we'd be competing with ourselves. This is v1 of blending the two experiences together. It's definitely not perfect and we had concerns that this might push the products too far down the page. We're going to explore solutions here!

A great example of giving people what they don't want. If they had just added todo list and random product as an option but still allowed me to see the top 6 new products without scrolling then how could I complain? Instead this basically hides the main reason why I was using this extension in the first place. * Shoves a todo list into an extension that wasn't intended to be a todo list. * Doesn't allow me to move the todo list to the bottom or remove it entirely * Prioritizes a random product instead of showing the top product of the day * Low information density * Uses my entire new tab page and yet only shows me ~ 2 products for the day


I suppose at least it might get me to stop using product hunt? Is that good?


Basically removes ability to at a glance see top new products aka the only reason i used this extension in the first place.

Appreciate the honesty, Paul! I agree that the day's top products are too far down the page, requiring one to scroll to view more. This was one of our concerns with the new presentation. We have plans to explore alternative views and potentially give people the option to customize aspects of the extension.

Plsss give me back old PH extension where I can see the products of the day.


It seems like a collaborative platform now


I don't want to see/know about makers, i just want to see the products for each day.

Yes, i miss the high content density!
Was using the old version since day one even it doesn't update but still using it everyday. But now it make my new tab much slower and don't see anything useful anymore. I might remove it soon.
You might get options in future!
Funny, my reaction was the polar opposite. Product hunt stories of the day aren't really something I'm interested in- I just want a fleshed out version of the virtual coworking space idea. I think the current product hunt audience and the audience for what this is pitched as might have limited overlap and the two might want different things.
Appreciate the honesty, Ragupathi! We had concerns this change might be jarring for some people using the old extension. We also realize that not everyone cares to share or discover what other people are working on. This is v1 and far from perfect so your feedback's helpful. We're doing a roadmap session early next week to plan out next steps. I'll chat with the team to see if we can share mockups of v2 with yourself and the community before we start building. 😊
I don't want all of this, I only want the daily products with big icons! Please, make a separate old version for people like me =(
@unnanego Yes. I had to uninstall it. You should try Muzli, it can get you close to the same thing (but still not as good.)
@unnanego Simply download the .ZIP you want and drag + drop it onto your chrome://extensions page.