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Awesome work, @hvost! One stat not mentioned is that ~1-2% of monthly visitors currently have access to post and comment. The site isn't ready for as many contributions as we would otherwise get if it was completely open but @andreasklinger is working on a recommendation system to give people the opportunity to invite their friends/awesome contributors. I'm testing it in staging now. More details TBD. :)
@hvost will this dynamically update? Would love to use this a resource to monitor.
@BlendahTom it's static with an option to update it manually. I'll consider to ask @rrhoover to get an access to the PH API and use it to update the page automatically.
@hvost @blendahtom These are awesome stats. Any you can update it sometime soon?
So cool. Does this stay current?
@dshan Yep, for now. May be I'll use the API to update it automatically in the future.
This is awesome
Great stuff, but to be honest all that orange hurt my eyes...