Product Hunt Shell

A geeky, web-based shell for browsing Product Hunt

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Hello hunters! Interact with product hunt via command line because you can! This is my follow up to reddit shell because life just didn't feel complete without a PH counterpart. Also @rrhoover asked nicely. Features: - Browse products, collections, and users. - Browse post threads/comments and user activity data. - Tabbed autocompletion of commands and usernames (double tab for list view) - Login authentication via OAuth 2 - Retrieve your notifications and account settings - Display inline thumbnails for products # set img on - Change limit on number of retrieved posts, comments # set limit [auto|1-100] - Command format exceptions that cover most preferences product hunt doesn't allow much in the way of write access at the moment, so unfortunately all you can do is browse but maybe in the future I'll be able to build out the whole experience!
@jasonbeee for the people who aren't familiar with the coding. Could you inform us on some command lines?
@techtom10 Yeah of course! list - list today's featured products list older - list yesterday's featured products view comments 1 - view the comment thread for the specified index user rrhoover votes - view posts rrhoover has voted on
So awesome, @jasonbeee, and thanks for the kind words in your blog post. I love that there are two command-line interfaces on Product Hunt today (see cc @nerdsarewinning
@rrhoover That's great! What a fantastic domain name too. deserves a lot of credit here as we're both using it for the terminal emulation. And you're welcome! ~~tEaM-PH~~
Write in the future ftw!
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