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#5 Product of the DayApril 06, 2015

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"Okay, shameless plug... but check it out." Haha, love it.
@v4violetta I had to *somehow* justify the time I spent on this instead of my actual company :)
@v4violetta @gkoberger this is now your actual company Greg.
@v4violetta @gkoberger Wow, I literally used your exact words without realizing. Cheers, Greg, that was beautiful and surprisingly fun! Even the face-palm-y products I was SO SURE WERE FAKE For instance:
@v4violetta @gkoberger @tzhongg as long as has more upvotes on PH I guess Greg is safe...
I've had a long-standing theory that's a bit derivative of Poe's Law[1]: that it's impossible to come up with a startup parody that someone, somewhere in the Valley isn't legitimately trying to raise money for. I found @fakeproducthunt on Twitter, and a lot of them seemed suspiciously real. And, a lot of actual Product Hunt products would have been right at home on the parody Twitter account. So, I made a game where you guess what's a real PH product, and what's taken from @fakeproducthunt. -------------------------------- [1] Poe's Law: "Without a clear indication of the author's intent, it is difficult or impossible to tell the difference between an expression of sincere extremism and a parody of extremism."
@gkoberger Is there a link to see the product when it's a real one? Definitely you can't have a link pre-guess, cause it gives it away instantly, but after guessing I wanted to check out some of the products and couldn't find a link. Since there's no way to search the internet yet… or I can be lazy at times, I was SOL ;)
@benwtnb There is! It's a bit subtle, but it's there:
@fakeproducthunt @gkoberger YESSSSSSSSSSS! This game is awesome.
@gkoberger I'm dumb… clicked that and was thinking "Why is it just bringing me back to Product Hunt?" Feeling tempted to edit my comment now, since I just pulled one of these:
@fakeproducthunt @gkoberger what are you going to do when some of fake products become a real? :D
There are about 47% of fakes. lol "Your score is 47%. You got 632 out of 1340."
I love the shameless plugs when they are truly described as "shameless".
Love this! Thinking about turning "Guess the Twitter Source" (related/similar products section) into a platform where users can pick specific Twitter accounts and create their own games like this. What do you think?