Product Hunt-o

A fun gravity game based on Plinko from the Price is Right.

What's your high score? Take a screen cap and post below. I'll send the winner a prize.
@ericnakagawa im happy with this
@liveink I can't see :(
This is ridiculous, @ericnakagawa. Love it. Happy Friday. 😸
I'm a big fan of Plinko! I'm pretty sure I've identified the sweet spot on the game show! I see an opportunity to do some good with this game and make it go viral if your interest and circumstances permit please regard the following idea: Unfortuately this idea regards creating a V 2.0 with additional features.. The basis of the idea is that you replace the scores at the bottom with amounts a person will donate to the national cat shelter foundation.. (whichever you may chose).. Ranging from $10-$100 and.. Each user gets 5 plays which adds up the total and.. At the end of the 5 turns the user should be prompted with a link to the foundation donation website of relevance to payout their score! A message that users can pay whatever they want in reality should be included.. :) The game just generates a suggested value of donation.. Just an idea.. Thanks for reading! Jaswinder Brar
@jay_bee12345 Neat idea. I like the concept of fun + supporting non-profits. I could also change the amount from $'s to pennies and further randomize. At its current state do you think I should lower the starting number of disks?
@ericnakagawa Thanks for seeing the merit! The cats will always win :) I think you may want to lower the number of starting disks just to ensure that all users of the game complete it to the end.. and play again to beat their score!
@jay_bee12345 dropped to 25, and added a new 5k slot.
I added a page to view highscores without playing, here: https://jetpackwannabe.parseapp....
Updates: * I fixed some bugs around entering initials, it should prompt you to change it. * The # of disks to play have been dropped to 25 from 100. To balance this out, I also include a random 5000 slot if you're lucky! * Highscore bored has been reset to be fair. * Remember to eat a filling breakfast before attempting to make #1 on Product Hunt-o. Have a great day everyone!
@ericnakagawa Couldn't resist. Sorry! Next is to add some serverside validation/emulation :D
@tianhan2 I built it for fun. Cheaters welcome. :P