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Easily mention users and posts inside Product Hunt comments

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So so cool, @neuling2k. We've wanted to build this for a loooong time (we even have mockups) but haven't gotten around to prioritizing it.
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@rrhoover Thanks! I think i remember some sort of autocomplete for user mentions in the early stages of Product Hunt comments? Or am i wrong? My initial plan was to use your tech stack (react, ...) for this extension. So it can be used as a kick start for @andreasklinger and your dev team to implement this feature natively. But unfortunately the way chrome extension extend the existing DOM its not possible so i had to do it the old way.
@rrhoover Can we expect something like this for user suggestion too :D ---- Update: Oops I didn't see with this we can even search for users my bad ! :)
@rrhoover perhaps it's time to prioritize? ☺️
@neuling2k yes, we used to have @mention autocomplete. We lost it after a refactor of this page and haven't added it back yet.
Hello Hunters, when commenting on Product Hunt i often found myself mistyping usernames or opening new tabs and searching for products i want to refer. Thats where the idea came from to build an Chrome Extension which help you search for users and products inside the comment area. As you would normally do start typing @ followed by the username. An autocomplete filled with suggestions will show up. The extension makes it also easier to link to other products. Just start typing # followed by the product you are looking for. Happy mentioning, Moritz
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@neuling2k this is cool :) but I'll still never forgive you for the GIPHY integration
@bentossell thanks and sorry for the giphy extension 😁 its not my intention to mess with your comments area ... just want to make it even better 😉
@neuling2k @bentossell what is this Giphy integration you speak of? :)
@joshdance @bentossell Someone is going to kill me if i tell you. *whisper* Related posts to your right at the top 😉
My PH comments usually look like this: This is going to save me and others a lot of time. Thank you, @neuling2k! 🙌
@jackdweck Yeah! Looking forward to your next weekly collection 😉
@jackdweck @neuling2k mine too... BUT its helped me learn HTML ;) haha
@neuling2k This is so so cool, although I havn't tried it yet. Do you have any plans to open source the project? :P Just asking... This would help to learn making html css extension and see which PH APIs you have used. :)
@lifeis2complex Thanks! And yes, here you go: Feel free to ask my anything about it. But be warned its not the cleanest code and probably not a nice start vor beginners. Btw i don't use the Product Hunt API instead i collect the data directly from Algolia. Details here:
I love to see that kind of stuff, i don't know why ¯\_(ツ)_/¯