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Hello Producthunters, We at Play.ht envision to make all the internet audible, any written content should be available in audio format and it is up to the user to either listen or read depending on which ever more convenient. Today we are thrilled to share with you a product we built from the amazing content of PH LIVE chats, so you can now listen to interviews and AMAs. We hope you find them useful and subscribe for future Live Chats. Please do give us your feedback! Thanks @rrhoover for all the feedback and help while working on the page :)
Great product idea and execution. I really like the ability to listen to these chats. However, I listened to two of the chats and I personally can't get past the Siri voice on both sides. It'd be amazing if you could get the actual voice of the person to read their AMA afterward. And maybe have a moderator read the actual questions. Just a thought - again, love the work you've done to bring it to this state!
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Nice. But I think the less robotic it becomes down the line, more sticky users. Less TTS-ish, the better.