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Chrome plug-in that adds some extra features to PH

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Pretty nice plug-in for Chrome that adds the following features to PH: 1. Preview the products web page without leaving Product Hunt. 2. Highlight new products since last visit. 3. Highlight new comments since last visit or those posted in the last 10 minutes. 4. Quickly see which products have new comments since the last visit. 5. Star a product. 6. Tag a product. Either click the tag icon and use an input box with autosuggest use drag & drop to add tags. Tags are private unlike ProductHunt's native collections. 7. Add notes on the product page. 8. Highlight text on the product page. 9. No registration required although it is recommended. 10. Adds the product site's favicon to the listing. Click on it to preview the product page. 11. Hide a product that you have no interest in so it doesn't show up on the home page or more importantly when you are doing a bunch of similar searches. Want to see the hidden items again? Click on the 'Unhide' link on the top right of the page. Made by @Ziinko, maybe he can answer some Q's!
@Ziinko Love it! Feature request: Option to expand each day's hunts by default.
@ZacDavies Do you mean where it says 'Show xx more products'? 1/22/2015 : Done.
This is rad. We've been considering adding a few of these (power user) features, in particular #2 that @bramk mentioned (highlight new products since last visit) but we need to find the right approach. Side note: how awesome is it to wake up in the morning to find someone I don't know (πŸ™Œ @Ziinko) build an extension to make Product Hunt better. πŸ˜„ Here are several other community-created apps.
@rrhoover Yeah, highlighting new products (and don't forget comments) was one of the two primary reasons I built this. If you add a timestamp to the product listing like you have for comments, it becomes fairly straight forward. You'd then have to save just the timestamp of the visitor on the server (or localStorage if the user is not logged in).
Hi, developer here. Open to feature requests and critique. Let me know what you like or dislike. Personally I like tagging and highlighting of new items the best.