Awesome work, @rahulmfg, similar to @oelmekki's Friend Hunt. We're close to finishing a user profile redesign. It may not include recent comments at launch, but it's something I'm eager to include.
Great job, @rahulmfg :) @rrhoover Commentivity is actually a great addition to Friend Hunt: while you get notifications for comments from people you follow in the later, you can check comments from people you don't follow with the former, allowing you to decide if you want to follow them, a bit like reading a twitter timeline before clicking the "Follow" button. An other clue people want more social features in PH ;)
@rrhoover @oelmekki thanks Ryan :) waiting to try it out in beta 😁
thanks @oelmekki :) , that's the exact reason why I built this and chrome extension is handy!
@rrhoover @rahulmfg @oelmekki any chance of including the ability to change profiles? I.e. if you need to change the social account (twitter) related to your PH account?
Commentivity is an unofficial Product Hunt Chrome Extensions. With Commentivity you can check for other Product Hunt users recent comments! How it works? * Go to any Product Hunt user profile. * And click on the Commentivity extension icon. * Now you will get that user recent comments.
Not sure if it's just me but when I click on the extension icon it takes a good 30-40 seconds to actually load the relevant data?
@sassigeeks I guess it shouldn't take that long. Let me check though :)