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Books, our third channel is live. ๐Ÿš€ Many people asked, "why books?" @eriktorenberg goes into details of why in this post. We also have dozens of AMA's with amazing authors over the next few months (schedule here) including @neilstrauss today at 10am PST to chat about his upcoming book, The Truth, and @valleyhack at 11:30am PST to discuss the Elon Musk biography. We have a bunch of updates I'm anxious to release, including on-site book previews, audiobook integration, and more. Please add your thoughts, feedback, and ideas here. ๐Ÿ˜Š
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@rrhoover would love to see this integrated into the 'new tab' PH chrome extension. Would be great if I could tab between Products, Games, & Books all from that page
@rrhoover sorry, is there a way to browse the games and books categories with the mobile app? :)
This is going to be so cool. Well done to the entire PH Team. Can't wait to discover some new books! :)
Which authors do you want to see do AMA's? Let us know by replying here or letting us know on twitter!
@eriktorenberg Aware of the reddit AMA, but would still love to see Peter Thiel
@eriktorenberg Neal Stephenson please! And Aziz Ansari!
Nice to see this live.
@eriktorenberg, @lejlahunts, @rrhoover, @ems_hodge, @ayrtonbe, @shaunmodi & @stephnbain, as you were honing in on Books for your next category, did you have a conversation internally about how comment threads would be effected? If so, what where did you all end up? I ask b/c my favorite thing about PH are the conversations around all of the new products & services. I imagine these threads are so lively [and large] because it's relatively easy for someone to take a few minutes to try, and subsequently, form an opinion about what's been posted. Books on the other hand, take much longer and lead me to think conversations could suffer as a result. Great work!