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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Books, our third channel is live. ๐Ÿš€ Many people asked, "why books?" @eriktorenberg goes into details of why in this post. We also have dozens of AMA's with amazing authors over the next few months (schedule here) including @neilstrauss today at 10am PST to chat about his upcoming book, The Truth, and @valleyhack at 11:30am PST to discuss the Elon Musk biography. We have a bunch of updates I'm anxious to release, including on-site book previews, audiobook integration, and more. Please add your thoughts, feedback, and ideas here. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Alan Cassinelli
Director of Marketing at Need/Want
@rrhoover would love to see this integrated into the 'new tab' PH chrome extension. Would be great if I could tab between Products, Games, & Books all from that page
Alfred LuaProduct Marketer, Buffer
@rrhoover sorry, is there a way to browse the games and books categories with the mobile app? :)
Mike Moloney
Founder @filtergrade.
This is going to be so cool. Well done to the entire PH Team. Can't wait to discover some new books! :)
Erik Torenberg
Former Product Hunt
Which authors do you want to see do AMA's? Let us know by replying here or letting us know on twitter!
Eric Willis
Working on something new
@eriktorenberg Ta-Nehisi Coates
Mike Moloney
Founder @filtergrade.
@eriktorenberg Jason Fried
Jackson Dahl
100 Thieves
@eriktorenberg Aware of the reddit AMA, but would still love to see Peter Thiel
Jeff Needles
Data @ Houseparty & Maker of Things
Kalina Zografska
Product fella @trygigster & @publitas
@eriktorenberg Neal Stephenson please! And Aziz Ansari!
Ross Rojek
Nice to see this live.
@eriktorenberg, @lejlahunts, @rrhoover, @ems_hodge, @ayrtonbe, @shaunmodi & @stephnbain, as you were honing in on Books for your next category, did you have a conversation internally about how comment threads would be effected? If so, what where did you all end up? I ask b/c my favorite thing about PH are the conversations around all of the new products & services. I imagine these threads are so lively [and large] because it's relatively easy for someone to take a few minutes to try, and subsequently, form an opinion about what's been posted. Books on the other hand, take much longer and lead me to think conversations could suffer as a result. Great work!
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