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A few weeks ago we launched a new ProductHunt.com (thanks again for all the feedback during the beta!). Today, we released 3.0 of Product Hunt for iOS, our biggest update to the app yet. It includes all categories (tech, games, podcasts, and books), LIVE Chats, collections, a new Popular feed, and of course search. We also added some fancy iOS 9+ features, like 3D touch and Spotlight search. I “wrote” more about the update on Medium. Warning: you may not want to read it on your mobile phone without an unlimited data plan. 😉 BIG thanks to the team for working so hard on this. 🙌
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@rrhoover Been so awesome to see the progress of this! New app feels so slick 💃 can just swipe away so easily across category, media/discussion. Dreamy 😍
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@rrhoover I'm in love with the in-app audio player! Podcast listening will never be the same. 😻🎧
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@rrhoover Awesome update on the app. Just out of curious it though, why add a popular section on the app and not on PH 2.0? Is it because on the site, you have all four categories on the home-screen already, whereas in the app, you have to swipe to different categories?
@bentossell @rrhoover Congrats on another great update! Loving it.
My favorite thing about the new app is listening to podcasts as I walk to work. I created a podcast playlist so I can listen to whatever is next on the list. 👂Great work @rstankov and @devladinci! 😸👏
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@corleyh YES! DITTO TO THAT! Great work and kudos to the PH Team!
Looks amazing, love the GIF explanation blogpost. Please ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Android version 😉
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looks awesome. just a slight comment: it takes too many swipes now to view all the trending today services. would have been great to have either smaller images or a list only toggle view. would be great that the top bar be swipable, instead of tapable. Finally would be great is the media images could be swiped from the main image instead of having to go to "images"
@ourielohayon agree about the list only view.
@ourielohayon I've been thinking about this myself. A condensed, text-only view would be far more scannable and maybe very useful on mobile.
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@ourielohayon I totally agree w/ this. Having to load the Games and the Podcasts section to get to the Books is frustrating. @rrhoover 😧
@ourielohayon awesome feedback! swipe-able navigation bar categories was our first choice, but by mistake you cat tap on search or activity and after awhile can become annoying. List view can be really awesome addition 👏
@ourielohayon was just about to say i found myself wanting to swipe the top bar haha 👌
We need an android app :(