Product Hunt 2015 Year in Review

Analysis of Product Hunt’s most popular categories in 2015

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Hello Product Hunters! Our dev team at Codementor made this side project over Christmas analyzing the most popular & fastest growing product categories of Product Hunt in 2015. We're really curious about what have become popular and if there are any interesting trends in 2015. Video & photo apps have remained popular in 2015, while Apple Watch & Slack apps have arrived at the scene with the biggest growth. Please check it out - would love your feedback!
@weitingliu @trantorliu This is SUPER cool! Here's to 2016 :) I sorted it by Growth score and Slack products grew over 1000% - Will be interesting to see how many more are launched since the release of the Slack App Directory
@bentossell Sure! We'll make it up to date :)
Buffer crushed it in the social media!
@weitingliu @trantorliu this is amazing. Thanks for saving us a ton of time! Will you be doing this next Christmas again? :)
@mossibat Sure! It's not hard to maintain it.
Love the way your represent the data, how do you pick the color palette for your bar charts?
@brianmulyadi Thanks! I used this tool for color picking (randomly):
@brianmulyadi I simply combined some palettes together :p