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Last week we celebrated our 2 year anniversary. Today, we’re making the biggest update to the site to date. We’re calling it “Product Hunt 2.0” — a reimagined homepage of more than just the day’s top upvoted tech products. Now you’ll find all the channels (tech, games, books, podcasts, and more coming soon) in one place, cool Collections you might want to follow, upcoming LIVE Chats, and popular products you may have missed. This direction gives us a lot more flexibility to personalize the homepage and surface activity from your friends. Ultimately, we’re building a place for you to discover and geek out about your next favorite thing. Today’s launch isn’t surprising to many of you that helped build it. Thanks to all the beta testers that provided feedback and ideas. You rock. Note that Product Hunt 2.0 is opt-in, meaning you can continue using the “old” homepage which is accessible at http://producthunt.com/tech. P.S. remember when Product Hunt looked like this? 😉
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@rrhoover I do remember! You've come a long way to this, congrats :)
@rrhoover congrats. Would be interested in hearing how you've balanced adding new channels with preserving the original intent?
@rrhoover congrats! Happy to have been part of the beta. Excited to see this live in the wild 😸
@rrhoover Lookin good! I like that the other sections will get more front page love :)
@rrhoover congrats. like i said a month ago: the app store for the web :)
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@ProductHunt I love secrets. Oh wait.....
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i personally like the old one much more
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Many, many congrats on the 2 years @rrhoover! I hope this comes across as constructive but If I'm honest, I'm not a fan of the new carousel based design on desktop. It's turned what was a simple scrollable easily-consumable feed into something that requires clumsily clicking a small arrow to see the rest of the days hunts for that category. The space required by each hunt is also larger now meaning less hunts get highlighted. I understand the desire to want to surface content from the other categories, I'm just not certain this step back in terms of usability is worth it. I also have a worry that once a product is in the first pane of each carousel, it will not leave and other items in the latter panes will not replace them even if they would have usually. Congrats again on the launch. I hope this is the kind of feedback you were after even if it's not particularly positive.
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@rrhoover First of all, congrats. This looks like it was a massive undertaking. Now to the feedback: I know it's what you don't want to hear, but this is a step backwards design and UX-wise. It's cluttered and clunky. The current vertical list design is much easier to follow. I would highly recommend reconsidering. I still love you!
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