Product Frameworks helps you find and learn about product frameworks used to build great products.

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Okay my reading list just grew dramatically.
@theashtube 😁. My plan is to continually add to this list. If you have any frameworks you'd like to see added I'd love to hear from you
@theashtube @alexpedi How about a list of lists? 😉 To this list also add - the Market Opportunity Navigator.
If you are a developer, this can be useful for you
Keep adding! esp. heterodox one’s from unknown people or entities
@soreq That's the plan! Would love to hear any suggestions on what you'd like to see added.
@alexpedi sure will If I come across anything interesting. Keep it up!
Had a quick look through. Looks like an amazing resource! thanks Alex!
@willam_woodhead thanks for the kind words!
Just wonderful ✨. Thank you!