Product Designer Daily is my latest side project experiment. Each day I hand-curate a list of jobs, products, and articles for product designers.

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I love the name and the spirit of your side project, kudos for putting this out in the world :D Some feedback that I hope is helpful: Why did you chose to launch on Medium? Is there any other method of delivery that could be better suited for this? My initial expectation when I clicked to your page was that I'd be asked to signup for a daily email newsletter. I am totally up for that, happy to subscribe and get it in my inbox. Benefit: You don't have to hope users come back to your page, you go to straight to them, daily. Cheers!
@narekk Thanks so much for the feedback! I've got an email version up now too at Just toss in your email, and you should be set. Cheers!
How you gonna monetize it?