Product Design Tips 2

Ultimate collection of product design resources. is a collection of product design articles, lessons and tools. Curated and delivered daily through the web app, Chrome extension and Slack.
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👋 Hi, hunters! Five months ago, Product Design Tips hunted for the first time. I remember sitting in a hotel in Bucharest. Drinking morning coffee and checking google analytics ☕📈I saw a big spike in traffic when I checked the source: "— O gush, we are on a Product Hunt!" Thank you @Yash hunting us. That was an awesome surprise! Since then, we received tons of support and feedback. Thank you all, so much. 🙏 💫 Today we are launching Product Design Tips 2. We wanted to make our product better and address the feedback you gave us. Here are some highlights: 🤓More content Now each product design topic has its page with articles, videos, podcasts, books, courses, people to follow and links to communities. We continue to work on content. So any suggestions are welcome. 🧭Better navigation Now topics are organised according to the product design process (at least how we see it) and have a side panel with shortcuts. 🎨New themes The new white theme in case you want to have more culm and clean new tab and theme settings panel. We will add more themes. 🌒Dark mode For night owls. With an auto switch to dark mode at night and your favourite theme during daylight. 😺I hope you will enjoy the Product Design Tips 2. Have a productive week, everybody.
Looks nice, but where's your Firefox addon to complement your other one?
Really great job guys! :D From today Muzli has disappeared from my new tab page on Chrome ;-) The only thing that annoys me is the fact that while clicking on an article, the extension doesn't open it in a new tab, and I lost my article list (refreshed with new content each time)... But keep up the good work, it's an amazing tool for Product Designers ! ;-)
Looks awesome, great resources for designers in one place
My product designer mate is excited, seems like it's a very useful thing!
@boboshkok Thanks, Katerina!