Product Dark 3.0

Turn Product Hunt dark for nighttime hunting 🌚

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Should be standard for every white screened app! Can we have this option for the mobile app please @rrhoover?
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@stinhambo Agreed! I keep dark mode on all the time for apps like Feedly, Reddit & Pocket. Better for the eyes, and for battery life, plus it just looks badass. πŸ˜€
@stinhambo that would be a nice addition!
@rrhoover @stinhambo I could help ;D haha
@rrhoover @stinhambo +1 for adding this as an advanced setting built-in to Product Hunt! I'm on the Safari Technology Preview, so I can't use Chrome Extensions!
Very cool! Installed and using it now. Big help for eyes at night 🌚
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@nivo0o0 I'm glad you like it!
Can you do this for Sketch please ? thanks on behalf of everyone that uses Sketch [literally, everyone]
@marktmcewan I wish I could but I don't have a Mac :(
Would love a Stylish/user styles version we could use on Firefox.
@samatjain I'll be making this open source tonight or in the morning. I'll let you know when I have πŸ‘πŸΌ
@derekbtw @samatjain Stylish is supported on Chrome as well, but it is still much easier to distribute such customizations as browser extensions still.
@derekbtw @samatjain Still nothing on GitHub (, but I will keep monitoring...
Ha ha :) Nice idea @derekbtw :)
@bogomep Thanks :) I'm glad you like it!