Product Dark 2.0

Turn Product Hunt dark for nighttime hunting.

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@derekbtw quick warning: you are using our autogenerated css class names - any change we'll do will regenerate new css class names :/
@andreasklinger Sooooo, why not just make a button or option in our profile for us then? Pretty pleaseeeeee! Extensions are great, but for stuff like these it's just an extra load when not on this site...
@dilyaraskar @andreasklinger it only initializes when you're on the domain so it doesn't cause extra load times all the time. Thanks for trying it out!
@derekbtw i didnt mean load times - i meant we dont "write" those class names - they are auto generated (everything after `_` might change often)
@andreasklinger sorry, that was a reply to @dilyaraskar. And to address your comment, how often do the class names regenerate?
@andreasklinger @derekbtw I suggest you to use advanced selectors like that.
Updated for the new Product Hunt layout. Let me know if you see anything unusual that needs fixing!
@derekbtw Home button doesn't seems skinned to be and a bit hard to see what we upvoted.
@ddulic92 Thank you for the feedback! I don't know why this wasn't working with the update but I've updated it on the Chrome store and will update automatically in about an hour.
This is so good, especially since I hunt in the dark. Why does all the cool stuff happen in chrome? 😩
For some reason I read the tagline as NIGHTMARE HUNTING
Ah yuuuus, more Dark is always welcome :)