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📈Data Tool

👩‍🎨Designer Tool

🤓Developer Tool

🌍Diversity and Inclusion



💪Health and Fitness

📱Mobile App




And more…

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Hey product people, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Proddys - The awards honoring the best products of the year 📱💻🎮 Think of it as the Grammys (or the Oscars) for the tech industry 🏆 This all started a year ago when Techcrunch announced they’d shut down the Crunchies after 10 years running the show 😭 I felt like the show must go on, and decided to bring the whole tech community together again to honor the companies building the products that are changing the world 💪 The Product School team and network of product leaders who teach our courses have carefully created 34 categories, and nominated around 10 products per category 🚀 We believe in transparency and putting the user in control, so the winners of each category will be based on popular choice nominations (you can nominate products until December 3rd) and voting 🗳 The rankings are public so you can see who the winners are in real-time (Product Hunt style). The deadline to vote is December 20th 🗓 We’ll celebrate the awards ceremony and after-party during the 2019 San Francisco ProductCon conference 🎉 If this resonates with you, vote for your favorite products here, and you’ll automatically get a free ticket to watch the awards ceremony! 🎫🎥 Would love to hear what your favorite products are! --- Product School has selected the 25 most influential product leaders responsible for building or helping others build digital products loved by millions of people. Check them out - HERE

I would like to know which one is the best product of the year!


A lot of categories to choose



This is awesome Carlos, thanks for these awards. Very talented people all together. Good luck to all great companies. I'm excited to see the results.
Nice idea - name has a very different connotation in Ireland I would warn
Good point and thanks for bringing this up @travelgents 😄 We're aware of a similar word "Proddy" (plural Proddies). According to Wiktionary, it's a slang term, sometimes derogatory, in certain religious communities. I think it's important to clarify we have absolutely nothing to do with it. We created a new term "Proddys" (following the same pattern as other awards like Grammys or Emmys) to honor the best digital products of each year. Product School is a global, diverse and inclusive community that welcomes anyone who wants to learn digital skills to grow their careers. Respect is one of our core company values, and we created a code of conduct for anyone involved in our community: Cheers!

For people who want to stay updated on the top players in product, this is the best guide. I am looking forward to the ProductCon SF ceremony.


Get industry insights across different categories


None - more categories next year?!