Procurify 2.0

Help your CFO control and track company spending

Procurify enhances your company's existing accounting, ERP or AP solutions. With Procurify, finance teams can drive control, compliance and profit through an easy to use purchasing software. You'll be able to create audit logs by tracking all spending, create custom approvals and thresholds, and give users visibility to real time budgets.

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Hey @matt_procurify What makes Procurify stand out from other expense tracking products out there?
@jacqvon Great question. Procurify is actually trying to help organizations move more spend away from reactive expense reports (where money has already been spent), and towards a proactive spend culture where spending is approved and tracked before money leaves the organization. We actually have quite a few clients that use both Procurify to manage spending that should be preapproved and an expense tracking product to manage expenses. A lot of ERPs have some sort of purchasing module, but they're expensive, hard to use, and inaccessible to most of the people at a company. Procurify enhances a company's existing accounting software, AP software, or ERP software by providing a purchasing process that is more manageable, accessible and convenient so everyone can be part of a proactive spend culture.
Better then trying to keep all the spending organized with spreadsheets.