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Hey everyone, thanks for the hunt @_jacksmith! I'm Vinay, the co-founder and CEO of Process Street. It feels like a lifetime since our last PH launch, and I'm so excited today to be sharing some incredible work from @cdmckay and the team with the announcement of Process Street 2.0. Process Street now lets you create powerful cross-team workflows and automate tasks by moving structured data between different apps. All with a friendly checklist-driven interface. See the full 2.0 announcement post here: http://www.process.st/process-st... A few of the updates include: * Brand new UI * Form fields * Task assignments * Enhanced sharing * Improved integrations We have a free for life plan so you can sign up and play with it at your own pace.
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The killer app for this would be a Chrome plugin, where checklists pop up depending on the page you visit. For example, 'New product creation' checklist would show up on the Shopify 'add new product' page.
@zackkanter thanks for the feedback, this is something that gets requested quite frequently along with mobile apps.
@vinayp10 I'd have to agree with the mobile apps, that's a must. Great platform though. ๐Ÿ˜‰
I am also excited to announce a special discount in partnership with Product Hunt visitors. Process Street has a free for life plan, but any Product Hunt visitors who sign up for a NEW annual plan before Jan 31 will receive a 15% discount. To redeem the discount, do the following: 1. Create a free account 2. Visit - https://app.process.st/redeem 3. Use coupon: psproducthunt Happy Hunting!
I have been following process.st for a while. Get their newsletter regularly. Glad to see a new release from their team. :)
@vinayp10 Based on the video + pitch for this I assumed I would be able to have tasks trigger external actions (like mailing a postcard via Lob to a new customer). But after poking around and trying to use this for something, it seems like what Process.st really does is it allows external services to trigger new instances of team checklists. Curious if you have the sort of functionality I described planned for the future.
@ecwilson Hey Eric, you can definitely do this via Zapier or the API. Check our our Zapier docs here: http://process.st/help/docs/zapier/
@ecwilson You can trigger all sorts of actions such as emails, postcards, contracts for signing, invoices, CRM notes etc etc