for iOS

Create smart, virtual debit cards - now on mobile

Get a new virtual card for every transaction. Create random Privacy Visa® cards to protect yourself when you spend online.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Really need this in Canada. 🙁
@carl_shaver + Europe (Ukraine)
Vrrrrb vrrrrb, Product Hunt! We're happy to announce our new app for iOS! You shouldn’t have to wait to be near a computer to manage your money. You can create cards and burners, close them, pause them, set spend limits, and everything in between. We’re giving a special Cashback Key just for the first 100 folks from ProductHunt: H82YEL. We’ll be around to answer any questions today. Check it out and let us know what you think!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this service! Been a very happy user for a couple of years now. I highly recommend it!
Currently, all of the virtual cards are just branded as cards. Will it be possible to brand them based on the merchant like the screenshots suggest?
@_taurean this is something we're working on! Currently, cards will be branded when created via our Chrome / Firefox extensions. Soon, cards created via the app will get styled once a transaction goes through.
Congrats on the iOS launch, is my favorite product to recommend to all my friends :)