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Hey Product Hunt! Really excited to kick this off today. You can now create virtual Privacy cards with just 1-click in Firefox with our new add-on. When we launched on PH last year, this was one of the most commonly requested features. Give it a spin - we'd love to hear your feedback. :) About us: Privacy.com allows you to create a unique card number for every single purchase with just 1 click. We help keep your money / data safe from breaches, shady merchants, and sneaky subscription billings.
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@bolingj Will I ever be able to use by bank account's routing number, instead of providing my username + password? I'm not comfortable with giving my username password to a third party.
@bolingj @vicky_buddie usually entering your username + pass avoids the need to do confirmations. if you just entered routing and account #, then you'd probably have to do 2x test ach trades where you confirm the amount deposited etc
@bolingj do you guys offer an API to generate cards?
@lorismaz We don't unfortunately :(.
This is such an exciting product and I love the website too. Shame it's not international - yet!
This looks like an amazing product... but I am in the UK. Why is it only available in the USA at the moment and when could I expect international rollout?
Just a heads up, it only hooks up your checking card. No credit cards (i.e. no points). I think it would be useful to make that clear up front before asking for people's personal info.
@wuss Final.com is like Privacy but with a credit card
@wuss 100% As I was signing up I figured that out. Worthless to me now. I never use my bank account. Everything is run through points cards.
Nice work! Looking forward to giving this a spin soon :)