Visual bookmarks

Found a site you love? Save it to Prism!
Bookmark your favorite sites and browse them using up-to-date screenshots, so you never lose what you love online.
Share boards with friends, or invite people to Prism to see their favorite bookmarks.
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Hey everyone! I'm super excited to be sharing Prism on Product Hunt! I hope you give it a try and upvote if you like it!
@annawestern Looks great, always love to see more bookmarking tools. This one is one of the best visually I've seen. Keep it up :) I'll check it out later
@annawestern Really nice! Needed something like this.
@owenfar1 thank you! That means a lot!!
@kbclauson1 would love to hear your thoughts when you try it!
I like the simplicity of it and visual bookmarks are always good. I think it would quickly get cumbersome to use though, without being able to re-order the boards and tagging. It would work better as well with an extra level, ie boards, sub-boards, bookmarks.... Think it would work well as a mini pocket app, but not as a main bookmarking tool yet
@populo thanks for the feedback! I totally hear you. This is a very minimal mvp and we will continue to add features. Agreed that reordering and sorting are a must! When you mention tags, I’m curious how you want to use them.
@annawestern hi, tagging gives you more freedom. you might have a board for articles to read for example, but you then may want to search those articles based on the tags you added. Many sites and blogs would come under more than one category/board, so it gives you more organisation
I've been looking for something like this!!! thank you so much, such an awesome work.
@alberto_gainza thank you! I’m happy to hear that!
Love love loveeeee! Making bookmarking and organizing easier. Excited to see how this progresses.
really like the landing page. Congrats on the launch !