A design library to help you be more organized

#1 Product of the DayAugust 24, 2019
Eagle helps you become a happier, better designer. A new way to collect, search and organize your image files in a logical way and all in one place.
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9 Reviews3.9/5
Definitely one of the best apps to control assets. The only downside is the support. Recently I sent one email for the support team asking for something and it took them 17 days to answer. Anyway I still recommend it.
Man, this looks an *awful* lot like Pixave.
@chrismessina i was just looking for an alternative to pixave actually, cause i'm still not really happy with it and it doesn't seem there are any updates coming anytime soon. probably going to try this one here. any other recommendations? i still miss ember or rather littlesnapper
I've started using this app 1 year ago and I have to say it is damn useful, the experience is well crafted, and the product often updated :)
I had used this for past 15 days. This tool is super amazing and helps you find exactly the right asset you're looking for. Especially if you're a heavy resourceful guy, you'll be surprised that you didn't even know that some assets exists in your collection. Totally recommended
As a marketer and founder, your swipe file is one of your most important assets in your library of tools to help you quickly get inspired when building new marketing campaigns. With my own ever-expanding swipe file, I am always looking for better ways to manage this mix of screenshots, videos, email swipes and more. I was previously a fan of Realmac's Ember, but after this product was discontinued a few years back it has been hard to find a solid alternative which provided the easy interface for managing my swipes library. I've been testing Eagle now for a over a month and it has worked seamlessly to provide easy navigation of my design/swipes library. It includes browser addons for saving webpages, as well as an easy to use drag and drop interface for importing existing imagery and swipes. I particularly appreciate the ability to organise files into folders and sub-folders, and then filter by many different variables including colour, tag, notes and more. There's a 30 day trial so I'd recommend anyone looking for a great tool to manage their design library or swipe file library give this a try...