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Hey Product Hunters! Priori Data is a simple, accurate, and affordable app intelligence tool for mobile startups. In a nutshell, we provide competitive and market intelligence data on the performance of more than 3.5 million apps across 90+ categories and nearly 60 countries. We’ve just launched a next generation offering that we believe will support a new wave of successful mobile apps. Currently a startup looking for app intelligence must choose between a nose-bleed entry subscription price or cheap starter tools that are usually information poor with inferior data quality. We believe app intelligence should be a utility instead of a luxury and be priced accordingly: we only want to get paid proportionately to the value we deliver. So as of today, as part of a complete overhaul of our product, design, and website, we are launching a usage-based pricing model that starts at $10 per app per month. Some quick points: - A full overview of the conviction and vision behind the launch can be found in this blog post: - As part of our listing on Product Hunt today we’re offering free access to a curated Watchlist of apps which have been featured on Product Hunt over the last weeks (including detailed download and revenue stats). Head over to to claim your access. - And finally, anyone looking for some quick stats on app performance can always browse our high-level global stats for free (no signup required). Here’s our public page on Product Hunt’s app for example: We’d love to hear your thoughts on where we should take Priori from here so please leave your questions here or head over to our website and use the live chat!
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@pdkane I looked up some apps i know downloads and revenues made. All the estimations are pretty far away from the real figures. I wonder about the essence of all this guesswork tools nowadays. Reminds me of Alexa, Similarweb or Sensortower. Usually they are so far of the hook you get a misleading perspective from the start for every project research.
@stefanmimikry putting aside the fact that you are trolling here, the answer to @skagarroum's question below lays out the aspirations, limitations, and core rationale behind working with estimate data. As for the value of such estimation approaches, that's really up for the market to decide, but similar approaches have been used very effectively across multiple industries and media types over decades. This is very far from a ‘nowadays’ phenomenon, and smart companies consider market intelligence tools to be a key piece of their strategic and marketing functions.
Priori Data is a valuable tool to everyone building mobile businesses. Strongly recommend it
@stefanbielau thank you for the words of support!
Great product and keeps getting better. Very developer friendly
@martinmacmillan thanks for the support!
hey @pdkane : what do you feel is missing in the market that you're addressing? I feel like products such as Sensor Tower and App Annie are pretty awesome already
@_jacksmith thanks for the comment! Many startups find the free tools of those companies to be awesome, but as their needs evolve (rank data can only take you so far) they quickly become priced out of products which are fundamentally designed for the enterprise. Our insight is that mobile startups in many cases have the same app intelligence needs as big companies, but haven’t had their needs met with the current offerings. Their choices are either to sacrifice on budget or on product. That’s a poor trade-off and not one that is going to drive the next wave of innovation in mobile. We address the market that no longer wants to compromise. We provide a 'premium' app intelligence solution starting at $10 per app per month with pricing that scales directly with usage. Companies of any size can get started with us and we can grow our businesses together. We think that’s a stand-out solution in the market.
So easy to use and always getting better!