Printful Integration with eBay

Sell products on one of the world's leading marketplaces

With more than two decades of experience working in ecommerce and 167M monthly visitors, eBay is an industry heavyweight. Printful's custom integration allows users to sell on eBay without worrying about order fulfillment.

Printful prints and ships print products for ecommerce retailers.

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Markus Schuette
Markus Schuette@markus_schuette
Do you also handle customer service requests?
Edward Zarins
Edward ZarinsMaker@edwardz · Community Manager at Printful
@markus_schuette Hey Markus, we have our own customer support and we'd be happy to assist you but we don't offer it as a service for your customers.
Thomas Mester
Thomas Mester@hotgeart · Freelance
What about return?
Marianna Zvaigzne
Marianna ZvaigzneMaker@marianna_zvaigzne
@hotgeart Thanks for the question, Thomas! If there's a problem with an order, you can submit a problem report. If it's a mistake on Printful's end, we'll issue a replacement or a refund. We don't offer returns for buyer's remorse or wrong sizing. You can find more details on our returns policy here:
Justin Johnson
Justin JohnsonPro@justinotherjohnson · I've got a few things going on...
Pretty amazing that any designer can access the marketplace and fulfillment without spending a dime on real estate or inventory. This opens so many doors for talented artists to start their own business.
Marianna Zvaigzne
Marianna ZvaigzneMaker@marianna_zvaigzne
@justinotherjohnson Thanks for your feedback, Justin!
Ram Rayavarapu
Ram Rayavarapu@ram_rayavarapu · CEO
The api doesn't support custom text, only supports images which is a basic functionality I look for as a customer
Marianna Zvaigzne
Marianna ZvaigzneMaker@marianna_zvaigzne
@ram_rayavarapu Hi, Ram! You can create custom text-based designs with Printful's built-in generator and then submit your products directly to eBay. If you're thinking of product personalization, we have a tool currently available with our Shopify integration, and we're planning on developing this tool for other integrations, too!
Yen Reoney
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Micheal Allen
Micheal Allen@mykro · I design and develop things