We print, pack and ship your custom merch on demand

Printful offers custom printing on t-shirts, posters, leggings, and other products, and sends them to your customer. Everything's printed on-demand at the Printful fulfillment centers in California, North Carolina, Mexico and Latvia (Europe).

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Great way to get a store up for your startup swag. The Printful plugs in nicely with Shopify too.
@robjama Shopify is our most popular platform. We also work with WooCommerce, Storenvy, Open Cart and Magento. Bigcommerce, Etsy and TicTail are coming very soon.
Would love to hear @FrankDenbow of @StartupThreads weigh in on this
@suneelius @FrankDenbow Printful is a great solution for setting up a quick store to sell shirts. We've sent people their way since that may fit your use case. For us we like the quality and pricing of screen printed shirts, which require a minimum in most cases for production. That's the trade off between the two. We hold shirts in inventory and ship them out on demand so it ends up being cheaper than one off shirt printing if you're going to be sending out at least 25 shirts (our minimum for a bulk order). We also give a dashboard and api if you need to send gifts to customers and packages to events. Printful has a great product, we just may have different customers and use cases.
I work at Printful. Let me know if you have questions. By the way, Printful has startup blood so we just experimented with Google Glass in t-shirt printing
@davissiksnans Can you print one offs (tshirts, mugs)? Or is there a minimum?
@keithbarney No minimum, even for unique embroiderer hats. Our service was built for one offs mostly.
Great service, good variety of shirts... I recommend!
I LOVE Printful!