Printer Pro by Readdle

The most powerful and versatile printer client for iOS

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Thanks Bram! What's really exciting is that Printer Pro right now is App of The Week on the App Store. This essentially means that you guys can get the app for free, while normally it costs $6.99. Get the app and print from your iOS device to any printer - you'll love it and thank me later :) Here's more info
@denzhadanov Hey, man! Just wanted to say thank you. I bought it a few months ago for school and it's been a life-saver that allows me to print most anything from my mobile devices. Not to mention, the awesome design makes it a pleasure to use. As a side note, may I ask that you consider adding the ability to view the full printer name if it gets cut off and/or view the IP? Sometimes it's like playing printer roulette in my school to try and guess the printer my document went to as they all start with the same first twenty-or-so characters. Haha! :^)
@nhbschr Thanks for the feedback Noah! Yes, I'll pass that to our dev/design team shortly!
@denzhadanov Awesome! Thanks, Denys!
Printer Pro is a great app that allows users to print attachments, documents, web pages and more right from their iPhone or iPad to any Wi-Fi or USB printer. On top of that, they've just released a huge upgrade that adds extensions support and allows one-click printing from Safari, Mail and other 3rd party apps. Printer Pro is the most powerful and versatile printer client on iOS (as powerful as Desktop clients): - allows you to set up numerous printing options such as Print Preview - select Print Range (say, you can print from 3rd to 7th, and from 11th to 17th pages) - print multiple pages per sheet - select paper size - pick horizontal or vertical sheet orientation and much more. @denzhadanov can answer your Q's!
Great app! Really enjoying it!
@aaazavyalov Thanks Artem! I really like that you can even print from your old USB printer ! :) Saved me some money.
solid App. like all Readdles app
Thanks Ouriel. Although we are trying to help people to go fully paperless, printing is still inevitable. ;)