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Beautiful mosaics from any images

Introducing, Mosaic Kitty:
@rrhoover Ha, nice one Ryan. Did you complete the mosaic? By adding the small images, I mean. Was it clear that you could embed the result in any web page? This way you would get a nice loop effect to see the small images on it. That would be fantastic if it could be embedded on Product Hunt.
@fradingue I didn't realize this was emebedabble. Unfortunately we don't allow iframe/javascript embeds in the comments on PH -- at least not yet. :)
@rrhoover too bad. I'll sneak some example pages in the related links, that'll be just fine: and
Oh, both my startups featured at the same time on PH? (along with Everytime, discussed at Fantastic! I am Guillaume Fradin, the founder. Feel free to ask any questions or to try out the product, there is no need to create an account.