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I wonder why these things need to happen via email. If it’s about teaching the community something valuable and giving back, put the content on a site and make it easily accessible for everybody to discover. Via email, it feels a lot more like honeypotting contact infos that are meant to lead to possible conversions down the road, no? I know that these e-course thingies have been “popular” for a while now but I don’t really think that kinda thing works for folks in your target industry. Also, this approach feels kinda dated already too. Especially if it’s just a way to educate users about your product (not speculating at this point). “Out-teach your competition” has a completely different “feel” to it. Plus, you are not even giving peeps an outline or a considerable peek into what’s coming anywhere on the site. The description is a bit puffy and you are basically asking users to just drop their email in good faith and hope for the best. The site does not give me a single good reason to subscribe. And “Unlock” what exactly? Think this button was not the best choice. Overall, I would not call that a good user experience and it feels iffy that you want to teach a course on the subject? Feels like a fail to me. Sorry this sounds harsh—have no beef with you guys though! I know you are trying to do good stuff for the community but I know you can do better—in fact I expect better :) Good luck though!
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@visavis_kid Spot on! Although not outright bad UX, this certainly is borderline deceptive/shady.
@arunpattnaik Looking forward to read your live ama Arun!
@visavis_kid Hey! Really great feedback—I totally appreciate your candor. I am taking and applying your thoughts on the description and copy.. definitely could use some more specificity and detail to improve our trust levels. I'd like to address why we chose email for this course: we want the course to live somewhere easily accessible at all times for quick reading. The other options, namely, a website (which you have to remember the www to navigate to) or a downloadable book (which is ultra not-mobile-friendly) don't have the same ease of access as an email. Outside of that, we're interested creating a reliable cadence of learning.. I guess I see the difference in pacing as "going to class" versus "reading the text book." But, we are working on some big, sweeping discoverability changes for resources like this. They're coming!
@theclairbyrd hmm, not sure these arguments are helping much tbh. But hey, it’s none of my biz so… Good luck with everything! I already wrote down everything I had to say about this matter :)
@visavis_kid Invision is a great company. The products are easy to use. Having built prototypes with them, and having worked with developers WITHOUT them, I can say using Invision saves a LOT of beating my head on the desk. Considering they are a leader in the field, it's a safe assumption that whatever course they offer is good. And, there is nothing wrong with asking for an email address in return, so they can try to gain new customers. It's a fair trade. Save your head - use Invision.
We talk about good UX design a lot. But for those not experienced in user research, knowing what constitutes good UX design, and how to accomplish it, isn’t obvious. That’s why we’re excited to share our newest e-course, Principles of UX Design, written by Best Buy’s Timothy Embretson. This course starts with the building blocks of good UX design and goes from there, taking participants through the research process, how to create personas and mental models, implementing it into your design, and advocating for UX at your organization. If you know that UX design is an important missing part of your knowledge base but aren’t sure where to start, skip the Google search and check out this free e-course. Each weekly installment builds on the last, and by the time it’s over, you’ll not only understand best practices in UX design, you’ll be a champion for at at your organization. Any questions? Let us know!
@clarklab –Wait wait wait… There's more than one 'Clark from Invision'???
@designbyjai it's actually part of our business plan: hire as many Clark's as possible
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InVision can do no wrong in my book, but Best Buy as a benchmark for great UX? Nah. I just went to their site and a popup modal window covered the screen, then another on top of that which was asking for my feedback. On what? I can't see anything because you just covered the entire screen and interrupted me before I could even use the site. Best Buy is a case study in what NOT to do.
This is certainly interesting and I'd love to check it out. But when I enter my email and click on unlock, it is stuck with loading animation in the button. I didn't get any visual feedback regarding the email was submitted. But I did get an email though. It is funny to see this in a course for UX. :D
@risonsimon Very odd. Would you mind emailing me with details? clair@invisionapp
I am with @visavis_kid on this. If your intent is to share the love, may be choose your own blog portal or share it in Medium. Email doesnt make sense unless what you are looking for is contact info. Emails are not meant for collaboration - I would like to share, comment and discuss on few things - email does not allow me to do that. Why email and not any other medium @clarklab ?