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Dan, I am disappointed. All this great work and it's yet an another FREE update? 😮
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@philipamour It's not really a free update though, principle appears to be utilising a payment structure similar to sketch, where your license gives you access to updates for a particular amount of time.
@ubbedall (I was joking around) That's awesome! I wasn't even aware. 😊
@philipamour Neither was I, but I just went to update after seeing this post, and noticed I had to renew my license to get it! haha 😅
Great set of release notes: • Components can send events to parent • Send events to a component • Lockable layers • Drivers can now drive fill color, stroke color, and shadow color • Editing an animation plays it in the preview • Added option to import only the selected artboards from Sketch • Support for Sketch overrides • Added "touchable" option to make overlay layers • Export Images of Selected Layers added to the File Menu • "Select layer" added to canvas' context menu • Improved animation UI for layer names that don't exist on both artboards. • Sketch reimport maintains Principle/Sketch layer ordering • Sketch reimport maintains scroll settings • Add import support for flipped layers in Sketch • Components can be inserted from the insert menu • Resize components better when component's artboard size changes. • Improved Sketch import of blurred layers • Clicking event popup shows hint that you need to drag • Improved cmd-click and double-click layer selection • New layers are given a random color • Color picker defaults focus to the hex field for quick copy and paste of hex values • Ungrouping will select the newly ungrouped layers • Copying and pasting a layer will also copy and paste the events on it • Principle will pan to the selected layer if it is out of view • Rewinding preview restarts video layers • Improved copy/paste performance • Events arrows are more tightly packed • When the stroke color is changed, stroke width will be set to 1 if it is 0 • Changing font size will resize the text layer to fit. • Show that the animation and drivers operate on the center X and Y of a layer • Export for mac now exports to the current file's directory • Events are now created directly on components, instead of a group around the component • Alt+dragging a layer to a new artboard will keep its old name • Improved performance for files that use a lot of fonts • Smaller files sizes for files that use a lot of components • Resizing component's artboard better resizes all instances of the components • Fixed components sometimes pasting incorrectly • Fixed preview window shadow • Fixed preview window capturing keyboard events when mouse was over it • Fixed playback bugs relating to components • Fixed a bug that misplaced recently-detached components • Fixed bug causing preview window to disappear when dragged to secondary monitor • Fixed a bug that showed animating layers even when all animations were turned off in a transition • Fixed bug causing the preview window to show shadows with double the radius it should have • Fixed a bug that allowed adding layers incorrectly to component instances • Fixed a bug that didn't restart auto animations when the preview was rewound • Fixed a bug causing inspector field stepper buttons to resize incorrectly • Fixed a bug that created multiple copies of a layer dragged in from Sketch • Fixed a bug causing Principle to use component artboard size for new files • Fixed Sketch import failing when the Sketch file was corrupted • Fix a crash when zooming in really far in the canvas • Fix bug that occasionally caused canvas to pan after box selecting
Yup. Prototyping. A lot of competition. A lot of big brands entering the space. A lot of headache too! I've tried a bunch of them, including the how-does-this-constitute-a-prototype scenario within Invision. At the end of the day, they are either too complicated or too "primitive". I'm a simple guy so give me a simple way to do complicated things. Enter Principle. Not only is it the explain-it-to-me-like-im-5 solution among prototyping tools out there, it also offers features that actually get used and you won't find anywhere else. I love the update and it's refreshing to see a very nicely matured product on PH. Keep up the great work amigos!
Right before I left for my summer exchange I started to use Principle and got the hang of it super quick. I can't wait to get home and try out Principle 3.0! Great work @danielchooper!
Does this tool export CSS?
@jeffmjack I don't believe so