Software for freelance beauty pros and their customers

Our software makes beauty pros' calendars more efficient so they can accept more business and earn a higher income on their terms. At the same time, it makes beauty services more accessible and convenient for a growing group of on-demand-favouring customers.
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I’m Kate, CEO and one of the founders of Primped. Two years ago while working as a banker I absolutely hated the process of booking and receiving my recurring beauty and self-care needs. It was hard for me to find salons and spas and even harder to vet them. I was constantly fighting over the same evening time slots as other busy customers. Further, I hated the travel and logistical planning that went into physically getting to my appointments. Given all these struggles, I often postponed or forewent my beauty and self-care needs altogether and I began to observe this trend with other busy folks in my network as well. The solution we’ve created to address this problem at Primped is tech-enabled and allows for simple, informative booking while utilizing the extended availability of multiple, independent freelance beauty professionals who will travel to customers for bookings. Our mission at Primped is simple - make beauty and self-care more accessible and convenient for all. Today we’re launching to the Toronto market after a successful invite/referral only pilot. I’m excited to introduce you to Primped and would love any comments or feedback you may have. For Toronto Product Hunters, we’re offering $10 off your first booking with PH10 when you book an appointment today - enjoy!
I had Julien come to my house for a beta test for Primped for a blowout. He was lovely, and did an incredible job with my hair. I was able to work from my laptop at my dining table the whole time, instead of sitting in a salon. He used incredible smelling products, my hair looked great, and the entire experience was awesome.
Genius idea, much needed platform!!
I can't wait to try this!
Looking forward to having a someone come to my house to have my nails done instead of sitting in a salon for hours!