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Very cool to see this come through. I was lucky enough to help create on the lessons. I was particularly impressed with the way Google--a big company if there ever was one--was able to start with an MVP, tweak and change the product over time. Primer is a long way from what this originally set out to be.
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@ryanholiday Thanks for being such a great partner, Ryan! We're excited to release more of your lessons in the upcoming weeks.
@ryanholiday Just went through your lesson! It's very informative and concise!
@hopefriedland how can one contribute content/lessons?
@traductoapp Send an email to hello@yourprimer.com with your idea and we'll follow up with you
This is beautifully designed gold mine of knowledge and rainbows! Congrats on the launch guys! I've already liked the first version but this one just blows my mind! Super polished πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
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@markoxvee Huge compliment - thanks Marko! You're a rockstar for sticking with us from v1 to v2. We really appreciate users like you and we're glad you saw the rainbows 🌈
Love this app! Simple beautiful marketing quizz for people with no time. Tap and swipe your way up to marketing proficiency.
@thm_a Love the way you describe it. Would love your help crafting a tagline for my app! http://oneliners.co/company/837
Installed the app a few minutes ago, digging the colour scheme and I found the whole UX really intuitive. Already sent the link around the office. Great job, guys!
@himynameisivo Thanks Ivo. We did put a lot of thinking into letting the content shine and making it easy enough to use everyday. Big ups for sharing with your office. I'm checking out Stereofox right now!
Beautiful design and a surprisingly fun experience. Nice work and congrats to the team!
@jculbertson Thanks Jason! And congrats on the Airbnb job.