No-nonsense, jargon-free marketing lessons (by Google)

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Floyd MillerΒ β€” Head of Customer Experience, Albert
Odd it's only on ios.
Chris MessinaΒ β€” πŸ† PH Community Member of the Year!
@hiimfloyd right? I can't believe Larry let this launch.
sree sreenivasanΒ β€” Former CDO, @MetMuseum, @Columbia
@chrismessina I, too, was shocked to see it's iOS only. Makes me feel better after all the flack @loictallon, @lizfilardi and I took over launching @metmuseum app on iOS :-) Also, unless you read the FAQ, you don't know the Google connection.
Floyd MillerΒ β€” Head of Customer Experience, Albert
@chrismessina Oh, Mr. Page. It's just odd the inconsistencies -- limit Google apps on iOS, but give them an awesome guide on content before we give it to our users. Maybe they just think the iOS audience is in more need than android users. :)
Will LamΒ β€” Product Manager & Marketer
And not available in Canada :(
Phone CrusherΒ β€” Founder @m1six
@will_lam Nice design. Content is exactly as advertised: Primer.
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