Prime Music

Amazon's new music service

#4 Product of the DayJune 12, 2014
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This is Amazon's new music service. I think that this is a Product Hunt exclusive; as I don't see any press for it on any other tech news sites, just speculation that it might launch this week. Well here you have it, it's now launched! It offers unlimited, ad-free streaming, free for all Amazon Prime members - great value add to Prime membership imho. The Head of the product - @kintan - is also a Product Hunt member, so hopefully he'll be able to join us in the comments :)
I'm happily listening to Macklemore right now. Congrats on the launch, @kintan and team. :)
It’s really good to see Amazon enter this space. It’s obviously great for consumers, but it’s also very positive for all other companies in the streaming space... Right now, the big battle that all streaming companies face is one of growth into the mainstream market. In most cases, the technology and experience of streaming music services are working relatively well. However the economics of streaming require a significant step-change from small scale early adopter uptake to large scale mainstream user uptake. One of the big barriers for this to occur is the need for a broader change in consumer mindset: from the ownership of content, to access to content. As the bigger players like Amazon enter the market, we’ll see more and more casual users introduced to streaming services, in a format that is understandable and approachable to them, and a subsequent shift in consumer awareness and the uptake of streaming. Congrats to everyone involved.
Great release from Amazon. Kintan has been at this for a while, and he definitely knows what he is doing. The Prime Music catalog is smaller than other streaming services, but I think this fits their loss-leader approach well. Bundling streaming with Prime is a great market play for them.
Is it live, or only for the the primary Amazon Prime account holder? I have Amazon Prime with my family, and it prompts me to sign up for Prime to listen.