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Great team, big fan of Thomas. Really excited to see their work at Primeloop unfold...
@rcaucci You are too kind sir.
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re: the rebrand… you mean, besides how difficult it was to clarify that there are three ppp’s in clippPR? =) The main reason for rebranding is that we are already doing more than just “clip your PR” so the hyper-specific name didn’t even fit any more. So, we wanted to find something that could better grow with our customer base. We like Primeloop for a lot of reasons: Prime brings up thoughts of “choice, top-notch, priming the pump, first, primal, core” and loop is related to “inner circle, join the circle, get in the loop, expanding, growing, ongoing”. And, I am *extremely* biased, but the whole word just kind of sounds cool. “Primeloop” If someone overhears “Primeloop” in a conversation, they can probably write it down, and go find Thank you for asking! <3
voted. primeloop good. thomas knoll good. #cavemantuesday #ijustmadethatdayup
Welcome @thomasknoll! I like the landing page and new name. Why did you rebrand (previously clippPR)?