Priime Styles

Modern photo presets for Mac

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Alexis Ohanian
@alexisohanian · Co-founder, Reddit & Initialized Capital
I've been using this app on iOS for the last year now and can't help myself but use it for any photo I share online. Now that it's on desktop, there's one fewer excuse to have mediocre photos -- one-click professional photo editing is here.
Oleg Lukyanov
Nice app indeed. Being a film/digital photo enthusiast just wanted to give you some feedback: 1. RAW support — awesome! 2. Filters – sorry guys but feel a bit gimmicky. Just can't stand the comparison to competition like VSСО Cam, RNI Films and RNI for Lightroom. 3. Lightroom integration — doesn't really work for me. Overcomplicates the process dramatically… See more
Graham Gnall
@ggnall · Product Manager - Bluecore
In the instagram hangover I've gotten very lazy with my photo editing and sharing. Hoping this will get the juices flowing again. Look forward to checking it out!
David McGillivray
@david_mcg · Design & Art Direction
Looks interesting - but is there anywhere I can see examples of all 100 filter styles applied to a photo so I can get a proper idea of the range?
Greg Gilbert
@gregoiregilbert · Founder, Blades.live
Looks very interesting. I'm planning on giving it a try for some pictures taken for a client. If I buy the iOS filters pack, will it work on Mac as well?