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I've been using this app on iOS for the last year now and can't help myself but use it for any photo I share online. Now that it's on desktop, there's one fewer excuse to have mediocre photos -- one-click professional photo editing is here.
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Thanks for hunting us @alexisohanian! The Priime Styles app for Mac has been on our minds ever since we first launched Priime for the iPhone. We were not only able to professionally edit iPhone photos using the app, but we found ourselves putting our own big DSLR and Mirrorless photos onto our iPhones and using Priime to edit them there. It was time to skip the dance of moving photos from the camera to desktop to phone in order to edit, and just edit straight on the Desktop. We built the Priime Styles app with the following in mind: 1. Get all our pro styles onto the Mac app 2. Support all photo file formats, including RAW 3. Integrate beautifully with Photos.app and Lightroom, but still maintain a standalone app 4. Make it something we would use ourselves, for professional and personal work (yeah, we still shoot commercially from time to time) Desktop photo editing is a whole different beast from iPhones so far, but we believe that we can take the innovation, ease, and power that we've all learned from mobile, and create an evolved form of photo editing to desktop. Putting our Priime Styles on to the Mac is the first step. Our Style Authors are already using it, and a handful of beta testers as well. Traditional photo presets for Lightroom go for $59 - $300 for a pack of 10 - 30 tops. We're bundling all of our 100+ pro styles into the Priime Styles app for a much lower price. And on top of that, our Styles are designed in collaboration with real pro photographers, who also use the app for their work that you can now see in magazines, tv commercials, billboards and more.
@alexisohanian just bought it! Looks cool. Thanks for the rec!
Nice app indeed. Being a film/digital photo enthusiast just wanted to give you some feedback: 1. RAW support — awesome! 2. Filters – sorry guys but feel a bit gimmicky. Just can't stand the comparison to competition like VSСО Cam, RNI Films and RNI for Lightroom. 3. Lightroom integration — doesn't really work for me. Overcomplicates the process dramatically and gives nothing in returncompared to using native presets (RNI or VSСО). 4. Samples gallery – mixed feelings. After actually using Priime it feels like all the samples have been created with some other apps, again VSСО and RNI come to my mind. Sorry for being that critical.
@lukyanovoleg Hey Oleg, thanks for the thoughts I'd love to know why you feel like the filters have a gimmicky feel to them? They were literally developed from pro photographer's entire workflow. It took their unedited photos to completion. If you look at the details of the style, you'll see as such. We spend weeks at a time developing these with our style authors. I think it's the strongest piece of what we have going on. We aren't able to make the styles purely presets in Lightroom, as our styles are doing a few things that Lightroom doesn't have built in. If there's enough need, we could consider building Lightroom presets on top of what we offer now. Good feedback here though! Samples gallery were all created with Priime. I'd love to hear your thoughts as to why you feel like they were not.
In the instagram hangover I've gotten very lazy with my photo editing and sharing. Hoping this will get the juices flowing again. Look forward to checking it out!
@ggnall I definitely feel you on the Instagram hangover. We have a lot more in that regard in the pipeline as well =) Definitely let me know what you think!
Looks interesting - but is there anywhere I can see examples of all 100 filter styles applied to a photo so I can get a proper idea of the range?
@david_mcg Hey David! Yep, there is an explore mode where you can see previews of all the styles applied to your photo side by side. (Second screenshot on this page: http://priime.com/mac ) As for seeing the styles outside of the app, they're all listed on our website. Click through the featured authors (bottom of that same page) to see each one. Each individual style has one image showing a before and after. (ex: http://priime.com/lofoten ). Hope that helps!
Looks very interesting. I'm planning on giving it a try for some pictures taken for a client. If I buy the iOS filters pack, will it work on Mac as well?
@gregoiregilbert The Mac app comes with all the styles bundled in! So there's no need to buy anything separately within the Mac app.
@art_chang I bought it. Nice app and delivers as promised. The Photos integration doesn't work for me (I submitted a support request). Also, I wish the filters were somehow categorized. It's gonna take a while for me to associate a filter / name to a specific preset. Good job, looking forward to the future updates.
@art_chang if I may.. Something that would be great would be to be able to read the description of a filter (that you have on the website) in the app directly. They are very well done. I'd like to have access to them while deciding on the right filter for my picture.
@gregoiregilbert Thanks for the love! You can see the style details in the app! It's a little hidden but there are two ways: 1. Right click the style thumbnail and click "Show Details" 2. For the currently selected style, click the "i" info button in the top toolbar
@lorenbaxter nice 😄 thanks for the reply Loren