Priime Collections

Beautiful, easy photo publishing for modern photography

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I’ve been using this app on iOS for over a year now to edit any photo I share online. With the newest addition of Priime Collections, I can easily show off high resolution photos from my iPhone and other modern cameras. It’s great to have one-tap professional editing and high quality publishing built for today’s photography.
@alexisohanian Thanks for hunting us Alexis! Priime Collections have been a long time coming. The goals for Priime Collections is: 1. High quality showcase of photos for modern day photographers. Designed through research, testing, and design iterations by real photographers 2. A no setup, no payment, and no customization / theming solution, that is still beautiful and works seamlessly with today's mobile workflows 3. A representation of a collection or set of photos, that can be seen beautifully as a collection, rather than individually 4. Optimized viewing on both desktop and mobile! Optimized meaning high quality, giving our modern day cameras a place to show off. You can zoom in on desktop and mobile (either iOS app or even just mobile safari for example) without any problems as an example. Fluid and clean landing pages that are easily linkable and used as a landing page on whatever device needed. And a lot more! The idea isn't to outright create a social network, but instead a tool to create a place for ongoing collections, or a place for conclusive or finished projects to be showcased. The dynamic and easy to updated interface keeps things fresh and new without breaking the workflow or adding any complexities. Would love to hear what you guys think!
@art_chang @alexisohanian How is this diffrent from say VSCO ( which I absolutely detest lol for obvious reasons lol )
@nicholassheriff what's to detest about VSCO?
@alexstrafalogea LOL VSCO is an "essentials" app by definition should be pre installed in every iPhone ( according to Apple ) they basically only have engineers working for a ui/ux architect the product fails on so many levels. I'll let the millions of pissed of VSCO users answer this one....just look at the reviews for 5 minutes to see why.
@alexstrafalogea Priime compared to VSCO: I know every engineer in San Francisco loves VSCO I was referring to everyday people millions of other non engineers who detest it. I haven't played with Priime, wanted to be illuminated on how well it worked and what their focus/mission was.
So a hunt about priime turned to a shout match about VSCO...
I really like your app, I'm using it since day one. I completely changed from vsco.. like some said already their UI is far from perfect. The biggest wish I have for Priime is to be able to edit photos in landscape mode – please do it!
This is a lovely app and beautifully executed. I hope the developer is able to communicate his efforts effectively to the app buying public,
I may be being fussy, and I know if someone really wants to save an image plenty of ways exist, but I'd prefer if you couldn't just right click and save them from web, considering they seem to be high resolution as well.