Priime Collections

Beautiful, easy photo publishing for modern photography

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Alexis Ohanian
@alexisohanian · Co-founder, Reddit & Initialized Capital
I’ve been using this app on iOS for over a year now to edit any photo I share online. With the newest addition of Priime Collections, I can easily show off high resolution photos from my iPhone and other modern cameras. It’s great to have one-tap professional editing and high quality publishing built for today’s photography.
Chen Zeev
@bulleitandcoke · Co-founder of Clippy and ClippyCam
So a hunt about priime turned to a shout match about VSCO...
Jonas Petermann
@jonas_petermann · communication student and photographer
I really like your app, I'm using it since day one. I completely changed from vsco.. like some said already their UI is far from perfect. The biggest wish I have for Priime is to be able to edit photos in landscape mode – please do it!
Steven Law
@stevenlaw · Radio DJ, Web develop, Infosec Fan
This is a lovely app and beautifully executed. I hope the developer is able to communicate his efforts effectively to the app buying public,
I may be being fussy, and I know if someone really wants to save an image plenty of ways exist, but I'd prefer if you couldn't just right click and save them from web, considering they seem to be high resolution as well.