Pricing Page Teardown from ProfitWell

Data and banter behind the best (and worst) pricing pages

#5 Product of the DayMay 17, 2019
Pricing Page Teardown joins ProfitWell's CEO Patrick Campbell and Price Intelligently's GM Peter Zotto in tearding down pricing strategies from Netflix and Pornhub to Salesforce and Shopify using data collected from thousands of customers.
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Hey PH crew - Patrick here, one of the makers of PPT. We're approaching our media in a very product centric way with products like Pricing Page Teardown. This series was a labor of love mainly because we started the business on the foundation of pricing research, so we wanted to give more back to the community, especially in terms of more pricing data. If you have any questions, obviously let me know. I'll be hanging out on ProductHunt all day. :)
Wow! ProfitWell is already on Season 5 of their pricing page teardowns. These are must-watch episodes if you're building products.
@hnshah thanks for sharing H-money!
This is a knowledge goldmine for anyone in the SaaS industry. When we built the pricing plans for Zest Enlight (now in closed beta), I prepared the Pricing model brief for the team and used three videos of Patrick's and the team in this brief. Really helped us out with creating a healthy discussion about our pricing strategy. Good stuff, guys!
@yam_regev let's gooooo! That's awesome to hear. Keep changing those prices over time, too.
I love these tear-downs. I've watched every episode so far. Keep them coming @patticus @peterthekid
@peterthekid @ivalex Super fan status! Send me an email and let's hook you up with something nice. :)
An absolutely must watch for anyone looking for insight! Keep up the good work PW team!!
@harris1210 Harrissss, my man! Thanks for the love here. :)